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So What is the ADU Experience? 

Have you ever heard the sound of millions of doves leaving a roost?  Have you ever seen the sky blackened by endless waves of doves? Imagine shooting from a blind where literally hundreds of thousands of doves are pouring into a freshly harvested field and where your shooting causes complete chaos......imagine being able to pick your shots and shoot as many as you want.......have you ever experienced truly unlimited shooting?  Now, imagine all this combined with a deluxe lodging package and world-class service in a relaxed, fun and unpretentious environment.......That's the ADU experience! 

Argentina dove hunting has been written about and dreamed about by international hunters for decades and thousands have already experienced the world's best wing shooting.  Now, you have a unique opportunity to be one of the first to enjoy the new frontier of dove hunting with Argentina Doves Unlimited.  Our area in northwestern Argentina is literally plagued by tens of millions of doves, which are thriving and expanding their territory along with the expansion of agriculture.  The area has two important populations of doves within ten miles of each other.  One roost would be enough to provide the best shooting in Argentina, two roosts provides a countless number of shooting venues allowing our guests to choose the shots they want to shoot without limits.

Shoot More and Have More Fun?
Argentina dove hunting has been synonymous with Cordoba for over twenty years.  With all the glitz and glamor over the years, competition has become fierce.  Leases for the best flyways and properties have become highly sought after, and many lodges don't always deliver what they sell.  Do your research and you'll see that x-outfitter has four lodges, the other has five, and the other is along side of the other advertising the same thing.  How many doves and great places to shoot are there really?  Will you always get put in the best place at the best times with the best equipment and guides?  Maybe, but normally there are at least a dozen or more hunters trying to get your spot at the well known lodges.  ADU offers a boutique experience, and as few as six hunters can lock up our lodge exclusively and enjoy single rooms, great service, and incredible shooting.  Book a group, enjoy the whole lodge to yourself and do what you want.  Avoid the awkward conversations, unnecessary chit-chat, and have fun--the fun you want to have without going along with the crowd.  We have all the newest equipment, a beautiful lodge, and operate in an interesting and new area.  Book with us and we'll show you a great time.  We'll work with you from the minute you contact us to design the ultimate shooting adventure and to exceed all expectations!
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